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Life is rarely easy. We are constantly feeling, emoting, thinking, responding to external and internal stimuli, all while trying to live the best life we can live. These factors combine into a complicated mixture that can fill us up, be overwhelming, and is often difficult to define.


It’s not often that a person can identify the single factor in their life that, if addressed properly, will solve all their life’s problems. It is much more common for us to start working on one issue and allow the therapeutic process to reveal any other issues that need to be addressed. We tug on that thread and the complexity starts to unravel revealing the issues that need to be addressed. This is a good thing because once you can identify the problem, the hard part is done.

The Meditating Octopus Counseling (TMO Counseling) provides counseling services that are dedicated to helping you as you take steps towards positive life changes, healing, a healthy mind, and a more positive sense of wellbeing. Together we’ll work to uncover and better understand the life challenges and day-to-day stressors that detract from your life and focus, and begin identifying and practicing things that will make you stronger.

At TMO Counseling, we cater each session to the unique needs of every individual. Our approach puts you and your opinion at the center of the therapeutic process. This means that you take an active role in the planning and implementation of your therapy. During the first session, an assessment will be conducted that will help us better understand your needs and how therapy can help you. Then, we tend to your needs without judgement, with unconditional positive regard, while maintaining your confidentiality. We follow the standards laid out by the HIPPA Privacy Rule and the ACA Code of Ethics, unless there is a local law that directly prevents us from doing so.



The Expatriate Experience

We understand that expatriates, such as students, international employees, military personnel, diplomats and others may find relocating to a foreign country a challenging experience. Culture shock, prior expectations, unforeseen circumstances, and career anxiety, are some of the issues that can have a tremendous effect on your wellbeing. We know how isolating it can feel when a person realizes that their friends and family, their support network, are thousands of miles away. We know how hard it can be when tasks that are usually simple become a challenge.



Multicultural Counseling

Living while immersed in cultures that are different than our own, we have learned how different an individual’s perspective can be depending on the cultural lens they are looking through. In counseling, it is imperative that the therapist and the person seeking help be seeing the topics discussed through the same lens. This means that the therapist must understand how an individual’s cultural identity influences their outlook on life.

We are comfortable working with people from all walks of life. We are not, however, experts in the cultural identity that people from all walks of life may have. This does not mean that we cannot have a meaningful and successful therapeutic experience. It means that if we encounter an issue that we are not familiar with, it is up to us to become familiar with it. We will ask questions and do the research with the goal of being able to see the issue the way you do. If we are unable to accomplish this, we will help you find a therapist who can. You are not alone.

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